Clearing the Obstacles to Healing and Wellness

Rossi Anastopoulo

Martha O'Regan is a healer. 

Such a description can conjure a specific type of image, one that likely involves crystals and long flowing hair and a breezy abstract voice. It can also be pretty, well…vague.

But Martha is direct, matter of fact, and very clear about what she does. She’s an embodiment coach, one who helps people heal from the inside out. Though she admits that while most people like that idea, they usually don’t exactly know how to do it. 

Healer Martha O'Regan

Healer Martha O'Regan

For more than twelve years, O'Regan has been using B.E.S.T. (BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique) to promote mind and body healing in her clients at her practice in Beaufort, South Carolina. It’s a lot of syllables, but the basis is simple—energy. Energy makes up anything and everything around us, yet how often do we consider it in our personal wellness? As O'Regan says, “Since everything in all creation is energy, including every thought, word, and deed, every single body/mind on the planet, regardless of age, symptoms, gender, or any other circumstance we can make up, can benefit from B.E.S.T.”

In other words, you don’t have to be a vegan yoga instructor in Los Angeles to benefit from holistic energy healing. It’s inherently simple, and completely universal. 

Unlike her healing practice, however, Martha’s journey down this wellness path was far from simple or painless. It all began with chronic headaches modern medicine couldn’t fix. The pounding was constant and relentless, unaffected by anything her doctors could throw at it. Fed up, O'Regan turned to massage therapy, which ultimately led her to study the practice herself after her therapist mentioned she was starting her own school. O'Regan’s healing process continued—working on different patterns that fixed her headache for spells before finally discovering craniosacral therapy, a gentle touch approach that relieves tension and restrictions deep in the body around the craniosacral system to alleviate pain. 

O'Regan’s persistent headache soon disappeared. Where modern medicine had failed, a wellness practice rooted in touch, feel, and intuition had succeeded. 

O'Regan’s period of wellness didn’t last, however. Soon the burning started. It began at the bottom of her feet, but slowly moved up her body. And nothing helped—not her usual treatments or other holistic practices she knew. It continued like this—aggravating, agonizing. An eventual diagnosis of recurrent Lyme disease didn’t help. It became so bad that one day, helpless and fed up, O'Regan found herself in her kitchen, hands up, eyes to the heavens, shouting a plea to God. 

The very next day, she received her answer. 

O'Regan found a stray flier at Whole Foods advertising a unique approach to healing. With nothing to lose, she answered the call and began working with the healer behind the flier. He taught her that the brain gets stuck in patterns that cause pain and distress, and that rerouting these patterns is the solution to healing this pain. And sure enough, after beginning to work with him, O'Regan found herself healed. 

Emboldened by this new practice, O'Regan began training to become a chiropractor, focusing on healing that doesn’t work so hard on the muscles or deep physicality, but rather removing obstacles and interferences that cause pain. That’s when energy became a focus of her healing practice. 

But how, exactly, does it work?

O'Regan works with her clients to address the mind and/or body issues they suffer from. While she treats a host of health issues and complaints, she says she most commonly treats anxiety and depression. With each client, she begins with education, teaching how to reconnect with the body through the power of breath. According to O'Regan, we’re designed to live in a parasympathetic (translation=calm) state, but in today’s society of constant stimulation, stress, and triggers, we spend most of our time in fight or flight mode instead. By focusing on the breath, we relieve this tension and dispel the stress and anxiety caused by this heightened state. 

With the body addressed, it’s time to dig deep into the mind. O'Regan has her clients complete a “Dump the Gunk” list, in which they write down everything, big or small, that may be interferences for them—things they wish had never happened in their lives, things they regret, things that cause shame, etc. During this process, subconscious interferences come up too—things clients may not think matter, or things they’d forgotten or suppressed. All of it, though, is important to unload. 

After clearing this baggage, O'Regan begins the healing process, using the list to unblock each interference. For dealing with such deep-seated issues, it’s a remarkably quick process. O'Regan says they may spend 45-60 seconds per interference. With these obstacles lifted, people are able to think more clearly and freely, getting rid of all the shit we’re overloaded with on a constant basis. According to O'Regan, it’s not about fixing anyone. Rather, she’s just helping people get out of their own way. 

O'Regan says healing occurs where there is space, ease, and flow. It’s not a complicated equation, though we often make it out to be. Create space by stretching, and shaking, and moving your limbs. Get the blood and energy flowing. Breathe freely and easily. Little steps, but as O'Regan believes, they can calm down the whole planet. 

Unsurprisingly, people didn’t always “get it” when O'Regan started talking about her work and the foundation of healing and wellness it rested upon. Over a decade ago when she first began her journey, before holistic health practices were as mainstream as they are now, people would dismiss her when she shared her work, and she says she lost some friends along the way who thought it was "weird." But our passions guide us, and O'Regan didn’t waver. With total belief in herself and her power to heal others, she built her practice and has helped countless others find health and wellbeing where they may not have thought it possible.