We're Obsessed With: Princess

Credit:  Princess

Credit: Princess

Maya Rudolph + her best friend from college + purple and black lamé + PRINCE. In a mostly messed up world, this is a thing that is perfect. 

Rudolph and singer-songwriter Gretchen Lieberum are two halves of the Prince cover band Princess. They sporadically play purple-fueled shows across the country full of non-stop Prince, highly suggestive gestures, and hyperbolic mentions of their multiple kids (6 between them). It's more than just wild sass, sexiness, and talent though. It's also pure, unadulterated passion for The Purple One. Lieberum, on her Prince awakening: "My grandmother's friend Phyllis took me to see Purple Rain. I was so mesmerized. I felt this feeling I'd never felt before in my whole life: I realize now it was 'horny.'" Meanwhile, Rudolph has said: “First it was just the music [I loved], and then I wanted to bone him hard.”

This is incredible. Can you imagine the woman who had enough balls to shit in the street in a movie strutting a stage to "Jack U Off"? Or jazz vocalist Lieberum using her smokey, sophisticated voice to sing "The Beautiful Ones"? Or the glorious shared lifelong passion for Prince that fuels every set?

Prince himself even had a performance of Princess saved on his DVR. We know why.