Top Five: The Latin Quarter, Paris

Welcome to our Top Five series, where bomb women show us their city's food scene through their eyes. From speakeasies in Cleveland to roadside spam in Hawaii to whole hog barbecue in Charleston, they're showcasing their local haunts and the places you wouldn't find on your own. 


Curated by Tanisha Townsend

Tanisha is the creator behind Girl Meets Glass, and she loves talking about French wine. People don't mind it too much as she's a wine tour guide in Paris. She holds several certifications in wine & spirits, but she's most proud of the fact that she packed one suitcase when she first moved to Paris. When she's not talking about or drinking the amazing wines France has to offer, she can be found taking walks along the Seine, figuring out what veggies are in season at the market and trying to pronounce the French cheeses that she loves so much!

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(1) Coffee

A.Lacroix Pâtissier

11 Quai de Montebello, 75005 Paris, France

This is my top place because you really can't beat the views. You are directly across the river from Notre Dame! There are plenty of tables and space to hold meetings, collaborate, or just have coffee with friends. And then there are their pastries! Made fresh daily, they are not only delicious, but beautiful! The madeleines and tarte au citron are my weakness.


Credit:  Loulou

Credit: Loulou

(2) Breakfast

Loulou Friendly Diner 

90 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris, France

French breakfast can be, well, light. Some mornings I need something a little more substantial than coffee and a croissant. Loulou to the rescue! This Australian diner serves up eggs, bacon, avocado toast and more. With their outdoor seating, the people watching with breakfast is unmatched.


(3) Lunch

Chez Gladines

30 Rue des cinq Diamants, 75013 Paris, France

This place was always packed when I walked by. One day it wasn't, so I stopped in. Glad I did, this is some good food! Food is from the SouthWest region of France and focuses on Basque specialties, think lots of potatoes and this amazing sauce made from tomatoes, onions and peppers. My go-to dish is Brandade, cod cooked with Basque sauce and potatoes.


Credit: Comme Chai Toi

Credit: Comme Chai Toi

(4) Dinner 

Comme Chai Toi

13 Quai de Montebello, 75005 Paris, France

Open all summer and the menu is written on a chalkboard on a wall, Comme Chai Toi is a hidden gem amongst quite a few tourist traps. Located across from Notre Dame (I have a thing for great views), this restaurant serves up some of the freshest French specialties around. The duck and the lamb dishes are not to be missed. And it's France, so definitely order a carafe of wine with your dinner.


Credit:  Freddy's

Credit: Freddy's

(5) Drinks


54 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris, France

This is my go-to wine bar. Even if it's super crowded, I'll stand and wait. The menu is small plates and ever-changing, as is the wine list. Their by the glass wine menu is amazing, and you may find a new favorite written in chalk on one of the walls, or the ceiling. The vibe is chill and the music is always on point. This is not just a place to go before your other plans, Freddy's is the plan.