On Our Shelves and Screens

Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook

The gals of Cherry Bombe have been changing the conversation around women in the food industry for years. Now we're devouring the first cookbook from the iconic magazine about women in food. Comprised of recipes from 100 of the most badass women in food, it's an unfiltered celebration of the stories, influences, and ingredients that have shaped the women currently leading the charge in today's culinary revolution.  Not to mention, it's made up of innovative, diverse recipes that are an ideal mix of trendy and comforting. And almost all (thank the lord) sensibly straightforward. 


You're the Worst

Excuse us while we binge watch all four existing seasons in preparation for the final season of this series, coming later this year. You're the Worst is an absurdly addicting series. Following the relationship of Gretchen and Jimmy, two terribly narcissistic people who just might be perfect for each other, it's the subversive rom-com we didn't know we needed. Come for the endearingly biting banter and Sunday Fundays; stay for the surprisingly nuanced portrayal of depression, friendship, and growing up even after you've reached adulthood.


Call Me By Your Name

We know--there's nothing we can say about this film that you haven't heard already. Also we're late to the game. But good lord, can't we just keep celebrating it? Celebrating the undeniably gorgeous Italian setting. Celebrating the loving, tender, opposite-of-helicopter parents (submarine parents?). Celebrating Armie Hammer's seduction techniques. Celebrating literally everything about Timothée Chalamet. 

Yes? Ok great. 

If you haven't seen it, go watch this movie right now. 


The Odyssey translated by emily wilson

There's a solid chance you've read The Odyssey before, whether as a step along your educational journey or on your own time. But each translation of The Odyssey differs greatly depending on who is translating, making it well worth revisiting again and again. This version, translated by Emily Wilson (who's profiled in one of our upcoming features!), happens to be the first English translation by a woman. Hers is a brisk, authoritative version written in contemporary idiom. Forget your high school English class--it's time to read The Odyssey again. 


Mozart in the Jungle

Who would have thought classical music could be so quirky and fun and dramatic and sexy? Or that a TV show could make you want to play the oboe? With the fourth season recently dropping, we're revisiting the past three seasons worth of symphonies, dramatic board meetings, famous musician cameos, crazy Italian opera singers, and Gael Garcia Bernal's comedic mispronunciations. All praise Rodrigo. 


Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

Ali Wong is all of us. Stomping around the stage heavily pregnant and wailing about how she doesn't want to work, Wong says just about everything we feel throughout the course of her Netflix standup special. She covers everything from shitting at work to sticking a thumb up men's asses during sex. Hearing such filthy and raw material coming from a pregnant mom-to-be is subtly revolutionary--just think of how many pregnant ladies you've seen talking about anal sex. Most importantly, though, Wong is hilariously, uproariously funny. That's reason enough to click "play".