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Hip, Hip, Hooray

In Mississippi, Kaylee Foster, a senior at Ocean Springs High School, won homecoming queen then kicked two fields goals and the game-winning extra point in overtime for the football team on the same night.  

Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer became the first female broadcasting duo to commentate an NFL game by calling Thursday Night Football matchups on Amazon Prime throughout the season.

Betelhem Dessie is a 19 year old young woman in Ethiopia leading groundbreaking projects in technology, including coding, robotics, and engineering. She has four software programs copyrighted solely to her name - including an app developed for the Ethiopian government to map rivers used for irrigation.


F*ck the Patriarchy

A new report found that one in three girls wearing school uniforms in the United Kingdom has been sexually harassed in public, while two-thirds say they’ve received unwanted sexual attention. The girls described feeling “sexualized and fetishized” by “older men targeting school girls” because of the outfits required of nearly all Britain’s students.

The AI Amazon built to screen resumes for job applications has turned out to be sexist, overtly favoring male applicants, particularly in tech-related roles. The AI also reacted negatively to resumes featuring feminine words or phrases. The program was only used in trials, but reveals a long history of gender-based hiring discrimination.

Alaska Republican party leaders plan to consider whether to reprimand U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski for opposing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock says the committee could withdraw support of Murkowski, or encourage party officials to look for a replacement and ask that she not seek re-election as a Republican.