Hip, Hip, Hooray | F*ck the Patriarchy

Credit:  Heather Mount

Hip, Hip, Hooray

Chicago's Tied House restaurant is leading a new movement to move away from gender-based etiquette in restaurant service, providing a high-quality experience without the archaic norms of "ladies first." Wine, for example, is now poured counter-clockwise around the table, regardless of guests' gender. 

This year's London Film Festival will feature a lineup with 50 percent of films from female directors or co-directors.   

Emara is the first homegrown female Emirati superhero. The genre-busting character, created by Fatma Almheiri, fights crime in the bustling streets of the United Arab Emirates -- while wearing a hijab.


F*ck the Patriarchy

The Department of Veterans Affairs may have mishandled over 1,000 claims of military sexual assault or trauma. Investigators estimate that the VA failed to follow procedure when processing 1,300 of the 2,700 claims that were denied during a review period that spanned between April and September of 2017, which may have resulted in a denial of benefits to veterans who were entitled to receive them. 

A female journalist in Denver was told to "act like a lady" when police officers handcuffed her for trying to take pictures of them during an incident involving an African-American man. 

Professional tennis has had a rough few weeks. First the French Open banned Serena William's "catsuit" outfit, claiming that it went "too far." Williams wears it in part to combat life-threatening blood clots that have plagued her in the past. Then a US Open official penalized French player Alize Cornet for changing her shirt during a match, despite the fact that men's players routinely do so on court. Finally, a US Open official penalized Serena Williams for verbal abuse during the finals, though male players are often much more aggressive toward officials.