We're Obsessed With...Dressed: The History of Fashion Podcast


Yeah, we know…you don’t need another podcast to listen to.

Except what if you could combine all those “smart” podcasts you should be listening to with the fun ones that actually, you know, fit your interests?

Enter Dressed, the smart, surprising, and downright glamorous podcast telling the surprising stories behind the clothes we wear. With hosts April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary—two of the biggest experts on fashion history you’ll ever find—as your guides, dive into the history of the swimsuit, clothing in Ancient Egypt, fashion and politics during the French Revolution, or any other deeply specific topic. Interspersed are interviews with some of the most interesting characters in fashion around, people who have actively or indirectly participated in history.

There are a lot of pretty clothes and OMG stories, of course, but the beauty of Dressed is that it peels back the petticoat layers to engage with issues of gender, class, politics, and more, revealing surprising and nuanced takes on both the past and present.

Because we all know fashion is about more than pretty dresses (although those are pretty nice too).

All photos from @dressed_podcast