10 Times I've Been a Bad Feminist

Credit:  Verne Ho

Credit: Verne Ho

Ana Tremayne

1) When I got excited to see Mary Queen of Scots because of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and the cute Scottish pilot from Dunkirk, not the two Academy Award nominated lead actresses 

2) The time I thought Hilary needed a haircut 

3) Every time I say I’m going to read The Handmaid’s Tale and don’t 

4) When I Google “Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend” 

5) When I got lazy at work once and daydreamed about marrying a rich husband so that I could spend my time in the south of France instead of writing emails 

6) When a catcaller yelled that I was beautiful and I actually took it as a compliment 

7) Whenever I play “Forever” by Chris Brown 

8) When I picked several players in my fantasy football draft based purely on their looks 

9) Every time I’ve ever watched The Bachelor 

10) When I watch awards shows just to judge people’s dresses 

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