Moments That Are More Awkward Than Michael Cera in a Hooters


When your morning running route overlaps with a 5K race and you have to pretend to be trying.

When you’re going to do work in a coffeeshop and they tell you they don’t have WIFI right after you pay for your latte.

When you think your friend’s boyfriend is completely unattractive.

When you think your friend’s boyfriend is way too attractive.

When someone’s house has a "No shoes" policy but you didn’t wear socks and you definitely, definitely should have.

When you accidentally run into someone and cause their coffee to spill all over them. 

When someone mispronounces your name but you were too timid to correct them, and now you’ve known them too long to mention it.

When you’re meeting someone at a bar but there are no available seats so you have to stand awkwardly near the bar like a fool.

When you’re the only person in a store and you can feel the salesperson watching your every move.

When you have to introduce yourself at networking events. 

When your friend drags you to a concert and you’re the only person who doesn’t know any of the words.

When you’ve never seen Star Wars.

When you introduce yourself in another language and you don’t know if you should say your name with an accent or not.

When your dog poops in a yard with a "No pooping" sign and you ran out of bags.

When someone doesn’t understand your sarcasm.

When you don’t get the art.