Ritual of the Week: Thank You Notes (Daily Life Edition)

Credit:  Joanna Kosinska

Pause for one moment, as you sip your coffee or take a break from work or do whatever it is you do as you read this. 

Pause for one moment, and think about all the people you have to thank in your life. 

Gratitude is one of the most pure and powerful sentiments we can cultivate. It has the ability to shape perspectives, and world views, and relationships. It can turn the mundane into the extraordinary. But it's easily forgotten, slipping through our fingers like sand or time.

We don't say "thank you" nearly as often as we should. For the big things, usually. For gifts, often. But what about to the coworker who greets you with a cheery smile every Monday? The friend who's endlessly honest, inspiring you each time she shares her struggles? How about the cousin who checks on your grandparents back home when the best you can do is call from far away? The teacher who taught you to love math way back when? The partner who cooked you dinner last Friday after a long day? The barista who slipped you an extra cookie at the cafe on the corner? 

We believe our gratitude for these people in our life should be shared, both for them and, selfishly, for us. 

So join us in our ritual for the coming week...

Write thank you notes for the gifts you're grateful for in your daily life. Buy a 10-pack of thank you cards, something cute and well-made and ready to spark your imagination. Write with a nice pen if you can, something weighty, with ink that flows freely and gratuitously. Distribute hand written missives, both big and small, to the people who've made an impact on you just to say one simple thing: Thank you.