We're Obsessed With: Protest Cakes


Resistance got a little sweeter. 

From Black Lives Matter to immigrant family rights to gun violence to queer rights and so much more, the creators and bakers behind Protest Cakes are using sweets to tackle social and political issues in a surprising way. Take, for example, the Stolen Birthday Cake series, an ongoing presentation of all white birthday cakes to honor and mourn children killed in gun massacres and school shootings.

There's room for lighter, more personal grievances as well, like the "99" cake made for Brooklyn Nine-Nine after it was briefly cancelled to celebrate the diversity and inclusion of one of television's landmark shows. A Juneteenth cake to celebrate an under-acknowledged holiday. A "Rape Jokes" cake for comedian and activist Cameron Esposito. A cake adorned with "Chocolate or Whatever," after John Kelly said that immigrant children forcibly separated from their families would be put into "foster care or whatever." As the corresponding caption reads, "Here's a good rule of thumb: If it's too vague for your cake order, it's way, way, way too vague for your policy on caring for children seeking asylum."

Each cake is a creative, unusual, artistic representation of an important issue, with the bakers spanning a diversity of perspectives and topics covered. Forget outraged retweets and Facebook article shares--more voices shouting into the endless void of political outrage. Quirky confections and cutting social commentary doled out in icing and sprinkles is where it's at instead. And each comes with a celebratory slice. 

All photos from @protestcakes