Our Uncommon Finds


Colleen Hennessey Ceramics

Simple, functional, and oh-so-stunning, Colleen Hennessey’s ceramics are the kind of investment that actually seems worth it. Because a handmade, artfully crafted dish like this will make any meal taste a little bit better. And maybe make up for those vegetables you left in the oven just a little bit too long.


Korres Wild Rose Brightening Oil

A powerful brightening oil from a clean Greek skincare company—because aren’t we all after that Aphrodite glow? While we’re easily seduced by the rose petals floating serenely (I mean, c’mon), the oil itself really backs up the presentation. Softer skin, smoother texture, and a full-on goddess glow…it’s like a trip up to Mount Olympus in one gorgeous little glass bottle. Much cheaper than that plane ticket to Greece.

Credit:  Marian Bull

Credit: Marian Bull

Marian Bull Necklaces

Forget beads. These days, we’re all about ceramics around our necks instead. Some of our favorites come from writer Marian Bull’s double-life as a ceramicist, in which she crafts natural works with twists of whimsy. Her necklaces, in particular, are structural works with a pop of color and an instant style upgrade. It’s the necklace your cool aunt who vacations in Thailand would wear…except you get to instead.

Credit:  Etsy

Credit: Etsy

Pronoun Patches

Make sure everyone gets the record straight and wear your preferred pronouns loud and proud. All possible with this easy iron-on accessory. A patch for cis-gender allies or queer folks alike, it’s perfect for bags, jackets, hats, and more. Because changes happens and mindsets shift once the conversations gets started.

Credit:  /skin regimen/

/skin regimen/ 4-Step System

A new uber plant-based skincare line designed for those of us living in urban environments, /skin regimen/ is meant for the stress and pollution that affects our skin because of it. Designed in Italy (so you know it must be good) by chemists and neuroscientists, this 4-step regimen combats daily stress to prevent aging and inflammation. Pick and choose the steps that work best for you, then watch your skin flourish. If it all sounds a little vague and unconvincing, check out the science behind it all. Fascinating stuff.