Our Uncommon Finds

Credit:  Drunk Elephant

Drunk elephant Sunscreen

As it turns out, basically every sunscreen on the market is bad for you. Who would have thought? The recent trend toward natural sunscreens is no joke--almost all available sunscreens (even those high end ones that you splurge on to avoid breakouts) are packed with chemicals that bake into your skin and into your body. So with major apologies for recommending Glossier's sunscreen last month, we invite you to make the switch with us and start slathering Drunk Elephant all over your face instead. Made with a lot of zinc and not a lot of thick white residue, it's the move for the rest of summer 2K18. 

Credit:  Bee's Wrap

Credit: Bee's Wrap

BEE's Wrap Storage Sheets

Because being environmentally friendly can be as chic as it is important. Plastic, as you've heard, is so out. And bees are very much in. To say we are obsessed with these wraps would be an understatement. You can use them in place of plastic wrap or to store everything from lemons to cheese to bread, but instead of throwing them away afterwards, just rinse and save for future use. Changing the world really can be that simple. 

Credit:  Men's Society

Overdid it on the gin kit

Perhaps the only thing that could make a hangover feel cute. Full of items both twee and essential, it's like a girl scout grew up and fell in love with both Pinterest and extra strong cocktails. The morning after may not be fun, but at least you can prepare the night before with this little kit in your purse or pocket. Because why not feel a little glamorous hiding behind Jackie O sunglasses at work and stuffing down a bacon and egg sandwich? 

Credit:  Cherry Bombe

Credit: Cherry Bombe

Cherry Bombe's Issue Nº 11 : Home Cooks Rule

Massive girl crush on Kerry Diamond aside, we f*cking love Cherry Bombe. And just when we thought they couldn't outdo themselves, they went and put Nigella Lawson on the cover of their latest issue. (Quick! Grab some smelling salts to keep yourself from fainting). If you love food, women, writing, or a kickass combination of all three (um, who doesn't?) get your copy in the mail right now. Then make dinner and pretend like you're Nigella. Try on a British accent if you like. Can't hurt. 

Credit:  Fairycakes

Credit: Fairycakes

"I'm Not Sorry About Your Fragile Masculinity" pin

We love pins (have you ordered your VoiceBox one yet?!). So we're psyched to be adding this one to our collection. Sassy, educated, and as brightly colored as all the best things in life are, it's the perfect addition to your feminist statement apparel. Plus, name a better conversation starter. We'll wait.