50 Reasons We Love Celine Dion

JoAnna Illingworth

Everyone’s favorite French Canadian and general diva about town, Celine Dion, turned 50 this year. She’s won 2 Oscars, 7 Grammys, has stars on two walks of fame (both Hollywood and Canada) and in October 2010 was named a Goodwill Ambassador by the UN -  a true, iconic powerhouse. To celebrate her birthday, here are 50 reasons we love and adore one-of-a-kind star, Celine Dion.

1. She can twirl a baton like a ninth grader in her bedroom the night before trying out for color guard.


2. Every single second of her new music video with Deadpool (yes, that Deadpool).


3. Because when Celine wears a puffy sleeve, she makes sure that puffy sleeve can be seen from space.


4. Because we became a full woman when we heard her sing “My Heart Will Go On” during the credits of the Titanic. (We also became a full woman when Kate slapped her hand on that fogged up car window, but that’s a different list.)

5. Dance moves.


6. The Oprah stamp of approval - Celine was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show more than any other celebrity.

7. We love Adele who loves Celine who we love who loves Adele. It’s a love parallelogram.


9. Because no shower is complete without belting out “cause I’m your laaaaay-daaaaaaay and you are my maaaAAaaaaAAaaaan” at the top of your lungs.


10. This duet with Andrea Bocelli gave us shiny hair, clear skin and the will to face another day.


11. She loves her mama.


12. She’s not afraid to be her goofy self (same, girl).


13. The chest pound, always the chest pound.


14. Her OOTD posts are unmatched


15. She started making records when she was just a tiny star of 14

16. She sang with the only other diva who could equal her - Miss Piggy.


17. She can rock an 80s home perm with swagger


18. She’s down with Gaga.

19. Basically.

20. Her hair tousle rivals the great Connie Britton.


21. Because who among us hasn’t eaten a street dog while still in our Met Gala gown?


22. Because if we did this move our knees would break in half.


23. The mama pride she shows for her boys.


24. This Canadian hotel named a suite for her.

25. Would any list be complete without mentioning her VOICE?


And that’s it, folks. We’re ending with 25 reasons instead of 50 reasons because Celine’s star burns so bright, one reason for the average diva counts as two for this mega-chanteuse. Happy 50th, Celine! We love you like you love singing during televised interviews!


JoAnna Illingworth is equal parts writer and fangirl. Follow her on Twitter @glamorousjo