Our Uncommon Finds (Start of Summer Edition!)


Handcrafted in Turkey and sold either in a select few Sabah Houses or in pop up shops around the country by the Sabah Dealer, these cult shoes are effortlessly cool and ridiculously long lasting. They're made from high quality leather, making them perfect for traveling, and can be dressed up and down however you see fit (they've even been worn to weddings!). Not to mention, they come in an array of gorgeous colors from Felli Red to Mumbai Magenta to Baleen Blue. It's like wanderlust for your feet. 

Credit: Giant Vintage

Credit: Giant Vintage

Vintage Cobain Sunglasses

Because hiding behind a pair of shades doesn't mean you have to be anonymous. And because everyone feels more badass with sunglasses on. This pair turns our walk into a sashay and makes our humble front porch feel like a West Village stoop.  


Daisy Rose Beach Bag

Leaning way into the summer vibes with this colorful, oversized beach bag. It's got us dreaming about days full of salt on the air and in our hair, ukulele strings floating on the breeze, sunburns that magically don't hurt and a magazine that magically stays dry. We'll see you on the coast, darling. 

Credit:  Nasty Woman

Credit: Nasty Woman

Nasty Woman's Persistence Pink Matte Lipstick

Former Uncommon Muse interviewee Nasty Woman's Persistence Pink lipstick is the unequivocal shade of the summer. Smudge proof and water proof, it's ready for days at the beach and kisses under a dusky sky. Light pink but not too girly, bold without being Too Much, and proudly feminist, it's the only lipstick we want in our summer bag. 

Credit: Glossier

Credit: Glossier

Glossier Invisible Shield

No one needs to tell you to wear sunscreen (unless it's your mother. Then she can continue to tell you to wear sunscreen until you have enough wrinkles to make the whole matter irrelevant). But we will tell you to wear this sunscreen. For all its ubiquity, it turns out Glossier can make a damn fine sunscreen that's lightweight without a hint of grease. So good that when you're celebrating with wreaths and flowers on Midsummer, you'll be set from (extremely early) sunrise to (extremely late) sundown.