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And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy  

From the declarations of the Oracle of Delphi to the prophecies of Sojourner Truth, spirituality and mysticism have long been interwoven with the feminine. In And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy, Adrian Shirk dives deep into these intersections, investigating the past and the present, the mainstream and alternative to provide a poetic account of American women and spirituality. It’s a moving testament to the innovation of women, traditionally relegated to the sidelines of religious discourse.

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The Little DRummer Girl

When has John Le Carré ever steered us wrong? The latest adaptation of the great British spy novelist just might be the best (yes, we realize that is a bold declaration when prior iterations have littered the Oscars and Emmys). Florence Pugh is magnetic as always as the jabbing English actress Charlie, Alexander Skarsgård has the mournful eyes of a wounded pitbull, and Michael Shannon quells his searing intensity with your uncle’s charming mustache. But the real star is unquestionably Park Chan-wook’s direction. From vintage zooms to meticulous pacing, it makes this compelling spy saga a veritable work of art.

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Eloise at Christmastime

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And that means it’s time to return to the Plaza, cover everything around you with ungodly amounts of tinsel, and settle in to watch the most charming little she-demon to grace a television screen bound around with the kind of joyful holiday enthusiasm we can all use a bit more of. This movie has everything you could want in Christmastime fare—Julie Andrews, adorable star-crossed romance, a pug, horse carriage rides, and glowering Christine Baranski.

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Spinning Silver

Perhaps the only book in which vast amounts of snow and bone-chilling winter is…a good thing? It takes place in Russia, after all, so it checks out. Crisscrossing the overlapping stories of three very different young women in a frigid corner of medieval Russia, Spinning Silver is a darkly woven fairytale both intimately personal and harrowingly immense (the fates of two separate kingdoms, after all, hang in the balance). Though it hinges on magical and supernatural elements, perhaps the most compelling bits are those painfully real—the discrimination against Jewish families, domestic abuse, women’s lack of agency, and the thin threads of love that somehow surmount them all.

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The Curious creations of christine mcconnell

Ok…yes, we know. This is about a month and a half too late. But perhaps you were too busy scaring yourself to sleep with horror movies in October to catch this perfect little gem? Besides, for some reason a weirdly fantastical semi-baking show feels right at home in December, even if it is geared toward Halloween. Maybe because it’s as otherwordly as all the other holiday fairytales going on? Regardless of seasonality, you should take the time to watch this quick breeze of a show, featuring a perfectly coiffed Christine McConnell making absurdly elaborate baked creations in her creepy house full of off-kilter puppets. Yes, you read that all correctly. Yes, it really does defy description. And yes, it really is fantastic.

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I hear she’s a real bitch

I mean…do you really need any more convincing, with a title like that?

Ok fine. An acclaimed restauranteur in an industry rife with sexism, Jen Agg has paved a highly successful career without catering to anyone’s expectations but her own. The woman behind some of Canada’s most prominent restaurants writes frankly and oftentimes hilariously about making it in the restaurant world, fighting her way up from working behind the bar to sparking Toronto’s culinary revival. And with her acerbic wit, she also happens to sound like the bitchy best friend we all love so dearly in our own lives.

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