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The Bear and the Nightingale 

Escape the August heat for an enchanted winter deep in the heart of Russia, where unspeakable things roam at night and survival is a daily chore. This novel follows a young girl caught up in the legends of Russian fairytales, though like all real tales, they're darker and more sinister than anything you'll find at Disney. Weaving Medieval Russian history, folklore, politics, religion, gender relations, and more into an epic coming-of-age saga, it's the perfect escape from the dreary doldrums of everyday life. And bonus! It's the beginning of a trilogy (the sequel is already out) so that journey doesn't stop here. 

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God of Love

Hey! This thing won an Oscar! 

If you happen to be a devoted Oscar's watcher, you may remember the year this short film's creator and star, Luke Matheny, got up on stage and interjected the whole proceedings with his wild hair and even wilder enthusiasm. His short film is a funny little meditation on love, set to mood music and filmed in black and white. All framed around the premise: what if a darts champion and jazz singer in unrequited love received Cupid's gift...but via darts? And bonus...it only takes 18 minutes to find out the answer! 

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If Beale street Could talk

To celebrate Barry Jenkins' upcoming big-screen adaptation, we're revisiting this James Baldwin classic. The timeless tale of young lovers in Harlem and the false accusation that separates them is moving and painful in a way that evokes the blues. And the emotions hit just as hard, perhaps even more so, because so very little has changed in America since Baldwin penned it decades ago. 

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The best show you're not watching. Featuring Jessica Brown Findlay as a charming prostitute, QUEEN Lesley Manville as a gentile madam who is legitimately terrifying, ample cleavage, and, oh yeah, a whole lot of sex. This dramedy about prostitutes and two rival brothels in old school London is everything The Crown and Downton Abbey are not, and so much the better for it. With colorful costumes, sassy dialogue, an actually diverse cast, and a female gaze view of sex and sex work, it has basically everything you could need in a a show. Needless to say, we're obsessed. 

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Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights

The kind of cookbook you might tote off to bed with you and read as a novel. Written by a writer, former model, and granddaughter to the Roald Dahl, Voluptuous Delights revels in the simple joy of food. It's nothing too fancy, nothing too virtuous, nothing too hard or time-consuming. Plus there are lovely little anecdotes throughout, sprinkled with British wit and genuine warmth, and stunning, quirky photography that we want to live in forever. Just a delightful little gem of a cookbook, ya know? 

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Oh, hello On Broadway

Stand up king John Mulaney and your Jewish uncle Nick Kroll in old-man makeup and on a Broadway stage for the night. How could it be anything less than fantastic? With a lot of tuna, cranky musings, and very, very specific New York humor, Mulaney and Kroll traipse around as George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon, two characters they developed and debuted in various formats before reaching the pinnacle of a Broadway play. It's like if you took the word "kvetch" and turned it into two men and on-stage dialogue. In other words...fantastic. 

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