We're Obsessed With: Post Truth

Credit: @posttruthposttruth

If you could channel all your anger, frustration, and LOL's at the president and his administration into a postcard series, it would look exactly like this. Post Truth calls out the cheeto-in-chief in artfully designed missives full of snark and righteous smugness, "because there's someone needing writing to on the regular." We're particular fans of the recent postcard with an updated Breakfast Club reference and one addressed to the "John F. Kelly and the Baby-Sitters Club."

In this convoluted time when power and influence feel so out of reach, these postcards stand as their own small act of vital protest--a way to hold our leaders accountable as the country burns down. It feels both cathartic and necessary. And in a moment of reckoning, you can imagine someone on the other end reading a small card and having to contend with their actions.

It's enough to inspire you to pick up your pen as well.