We're Obsessed With: Accidentally Wes Anderson

Credit: @accidentallywesanderson

Behold the symmetrical, the atypical, the distinctive design of your favorite Wes Anderson films, curated from locations around the world on this stunning Instagram feed.  

Accidentally Wes Anderson is our current obsession. Featuring bright pink facades, perfectly framed lighthouses, and settings so twee you might expect to hear Owen Wilson's drawl drifting through your phone screen, this Instagram account (and soon to be website!) is as well curated as any film you'd expect from the director himself. And beyond pure escapism, the account also provides the extensive and often colorful history of each location. So bonus...education! Each distinctive destination has a story, and the peek behind the facade only fuels the wanderlust. 

Each scroll has us dreaming of the cobblestone streets of eastern Europe and Kara Hayward's eyeliner and bright orange skull caps and Jeff Goldblum narrating our life.