Our Uncommon Finds

Credit:  Gisou

Credit: Gisou

1) Gisou Hair Oil

Created by Negin Mirsalehi, this luscious hair oil is the stuff dreams are made of. It's made from ingredients derived from bees (it's true!) and originated from the long line of beekeepers in Negin's family. We've all known honey is a superpower substance--turns out it's also dynamite for your locks. Not to mention, Negin is a boss lady rocking a burgeoning empire; jump on this line and say you were there at the beginning after she takes over the beauty world. 


2) Natural Dry brush for skin

You've heard the news--you need to be dry brushing, like, yesterday. Roll your eyes all you want (we did at first) but it's actually true. Stimulate your lymphatic system, improve blood circulation, and gently exfoliate by dry brushing your skin once a day. Sounds crazy, but it feels amazing. And we like to think we can feel it working. Just please use an all natural brush like our pick above. Otherwise, what are you even doing? 


Credit:  Dermstore

Credit: Dermstore

3) Jade Beauty Roller

A tool that tighten, smooths, and de-puffs your face in minutes? And gives a damn good mini-massage while it's at it? It might be (slightly) too good to be true, but this jade face roller comes pretty close. Long lauded for it's ability to drain your facial lymphatic system, reduce under eye swelling, and even prevent breakouts (!), jade rollers are back, big time. Tbh, jury's still out about how totally effective they are, but honestly our roller is well worth it for the amazing, cooling massage it gives. Not to mention, it's a great way to help your skin absorb any products, serums, or oils you apply. 


4) The Bianca Remover by Bianca Del Rio

It's a makeup remover launched by a drag queen--need we say more? But seriously, this stuff is revolutionary. A natural, coconut oil based remover, this stuff gets everything. Not that we would ever doubt Bianca del Rio. I mean, honestly. 


Credit: Rachel's Plan Bee

Credit: Rachel's Plan Bee

5) Rachel’s Plan Bee facial oil

This. stuff. is. bae. Made from a blend of gorgeous all natural oils, it's light but ultra moisturizing. Even better, though, is the story behind the little amber bottle. Rachel began creating all natural moisturizing products for her young son with special needs to cure his dry, sensitive skin. Over 15 years later, she's sharing her skin-saving products with the world and infusing a little natural love into all of our skin care routines.