We're Obsessed With...Mild Woman


Because it’s knitwear season and our annual urge to resume knitting is back in full force.

If you, like us, are down on knitting, but not quite down on the old-fashioned patterns that sometimes feel like the only options available, then Mild Woman is for you. It’s a collection of hand-knitting patterns for the modern maker, meaning chic, functional designs, patterns named after badass inspiring ladies, and an elegant sensibility that will make you stoked to hit the needles. In other words, not your grandmother’s knitting company.

Unsurprisingly, the makers behind Mild Woman (best friends Jess and Claire) are champions of the slow fashion movement, with a commitment to sustainability, quality, and natural materials from quality producers. Personal favorite patterns are the Helen Tank (named for the abstract expressionism of Helen Frankenthaler) and the Resist Hat (because Pussy Hats are so yesterday).

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Mild Woman