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Hip, Hip, Hooray

Netflix is making a new show written by comedian Tig Notaro called First Ladies set to feature Jennifer Aniston as America's first female president and Notaro as her wife. Because behind every great woman...is another great woman. 

Saraciea Fennell recently organized the first book festival in the Bronx. A literary desert, the neighborhood lost its last bookstore in 2016, when Barnes and Noble closed. Fennell said “I want to show people who look like me, who’ve attended schools where they’ve never seen an author, never had an illustrator come in to talk to them, or adults who have never entered a bookstore—I want to bring an event to them.”

The female founders of Be a Dear and Donate a Brassiere have donated over 25,782 bras to women in need in the Bay Area. There's an immense need for undergarments for women in homelessness or transition, but a gap in options in services that provide donated clothes. From trans women looking for heavily padded bras, women who don’t fit into sizes found in regular stores, or pregnant women with shifting sizes, Be a Dear is making sure every woman has the bra she needs, regardless of circumstance. 


F*ck the Patriarchy

Pilot Charlotte Knowlson shared misogynist and belittling comments from passengers she's received as a female pilot, including one telling her "I won't make any jokes about female drivers then," and another saying "Are you the pilot? If I'd known that I wouldn't have got on."

Both Audi and Ikea were recently accused of sexist marketing ads in Chinese markets. An Ikea ad depicted a mother scolding her daughter for not "bringing home a boyfriend" to meet her parents, particularly bad in a Chinese culture that views unmarried women over 27 as "leftover women." The Audi ad compared buying a car to finding a wife, showing a mother-in-law scrutinizing and judging a bride's body with the tagline “An important decision must be made carefully.”

Mindy Kaling recently revealed that during her press tour for Ocean's 8, a male reporter asked how she could play a jeweler who knew anything about diamonds when Kaling herself has never been married or engaged.